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Based in Dubai at the epicenter of business and commerce at 3S Group we are experts in the field of business management and provide a range of services from Corporate to General Management and Trading Services. The range of services we offer vary as per each client’s own individual needs and often is the case that we are called upon in order to set up corporations, advise upon legal issues being faced, stem out process bottle neck and the like. Our valued clients approach us from all over essentially due to our reputation of offering exacting services.

Having a combined experience of over 12 years we are experts in the field and being based in Dubai means a different challenge each day, all of which we look upon as opportunities for our clients to grow. With the right knowledge about the way business is conducting in the Middle East and astutely positioning ourselves as the firm to offer a solution based services we like to think of ourselves as enablers.

From the first time you approach us we provide our undivided attention towards understanding your requirements and then applying the right set of skills to it.

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We provide all kinds of Business Set up Services

Trade Licenses in Dubai

Tax free Trading is one of the advantages of setting up a General Trading Business in the UAE. Onshore or free zones are being offered in all Emirates. But with all of the choices, which option is the best for you?

Let us take care of the hassle and find out which fits you.

All types of Company Formations

Discover the great possibilities of success as making UAE a choice for setting up your company and explore available options with us.

As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, the UAE is highly developed with high level human development and accessible market.

Reliable Local Partners

Some business activities in UAE requires a local business partner. Though there are 1.4 million Emiratis, finding the right local partner can only be found in strong networks and with us.

Being in the industry for years, we surely have a network of credible local partners that will help you in achieving greater business achievements.

Recruitment Services

Building a durable structure needs a strong workforce as building your business to greater heights needs hardworking, dedicated and highly qualified candidates. We make sure that employers will be provided with aspirants that will contribute significantly in their employment.

Legal Services

Commercial matters can be advised by our team which includes Selling, Buying, Importing, Exporting, Transportation, Brokerage, Security Laws and Regulations. We also provide effective negotiation strategy and services that will ensure stable investment and returns scheme, procurement, banking, contract and other legal matters concerning operations, we got them covered through our years of expertise.

Image Development

Your brand and image is being watched by the industry which determines your worth and credibility as a company. We empower you to share your purpose positively and making those watchers become your customers.

Market Consultancy

Seeing your weak and strong points critically with a constructive eye and being able to evaluate your current ways in an objective and honest way is what our marketing consultancy will do for you.

It’s an assessment of why you either are not getting the results you want or how you will start to get to that aimed result.

Budget Planning

Whether you are about to start your company and needs diligent allotment of finances to kick start the operations or needs an analysis of the possibilities of long-term sustainability of the company operations, strategic plans and identification of problem for recurrence of operational problems.

We will review your current financial situation for smooth business implementations.

General Trading

Trading rules in UAE is more than just putting up a business as easy as ABC. A General Trade license gives you the freedom and flexibility to trade in just about any commodity allowable under the DED Activity List but may also deny most commodities that you may want to trade. It is also important to have visa for employees and office for your operations.

Our duty is to make you choose the right options for your company needs.

Furnished Office Spaces

Choosing the perfect office space may not be as difficult as furnishing it. We can give you the best furnished spaces to skip the hassle of detailing and just focus on what is most important in running the business as soon as you shifted.

Incubation Centre

Just like premature new born babies, newly established companies may require much guidance and nurturing. Also, as a new born company, we will feed it with necessary entrepreneurial support such as marketing, networking, financial management and others for it to grow healthy and successful.

From the initial inquiry and consultation to the final stage, we are confident of being able to identify the client's needs and deliver the requirements in the simplest, quickest and most effective way.


For more Info - Call us at +971 4 3384447 or e-mail at info@3smiddleeast.com

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