As I contemplate the answer to the above question, my thoughts wander about to a time in the past when the fascination with this city first took hold of my imagination. I recall seeing a hoarding covering the site of the world’s tallest tower under construction with the words ‘See History Rising’ running vertically across it. The hoarding must have been about 100 feet long, but the ambition it declared was unfathomable at that time. The year was 2007 and Dubai was firmly established as one of the most modern and cosmopolitan cities in the world, fast capturing the titles of the biggest, finest, tallest and awe-inspiring achievements. The BBC interview of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, the ruler of Dubai, was still fresh in the memory of the people and the word ‘Possible’ suddenly had a whole new tangible meaning for me.

The list of reasons to answer the above question is not only very long but also personal to everyone. However, it is easy to rattle off some virtues on the top of your head which would find resonance with people from all walks of life, for example:

Quality of life

Value for money

Global Recognition

Highest standards and best practices

Something for everyone

While the above points are notional and hold different meaning for everyone, Dubai has invested in creating an atmosphere and infrastructure that allows both business startups and global corporations to co-exist and create value together. Initiatives promoting innovation and local talent provide incentive to the community to continue improving and growing.

The city administration is proactive and has its finger on the pulse of the sentiments thereby delivering a multitude of options for the entrepreneurs and corporates to choose from. With free zones designed catering for specific sectors to the mainland licensing options, the variety ensures that you get the right choice for your business and not a one-size-fit-all proposition.

We at the 3 S Group have been at the forefront of delivering the right advise to our clients about their various requirements. Inspired by the ethos of the Dubai administration, we make it our goal to make things ‘Possible’ for our clients given the variety of options on platter.

Look forward to taking this conversation further while discussing Why it is Dubai for you and what can Dubai offer to you!

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  • SAFETY & SECURITY: The UAE was ranked among the safest countries in the world in a global crime report. Numbeo listed the country in third place. The Emirates previously scored in the top countries for safety, and Numbeo has listed Abu Dhabi as the safest city in the world since 2017.

  • STABLE LEADERSHIP: Historically, the UAE has one of the most stable political systems in the wider Arab region. The federation has maintained stability since unification in 1971.

  • NO PERSONAL & CORPORATE TAXES: There is no personal income tax in Dubai. Also, there are no withholding or capital gains taxes levied in Dubai. Also, Companies can benefit from tax exemptions

  • VAT AND CUSTOM DUTY ARE AMONGST THE LOWEST IN THE WORLD : Value added tax and Custom Duty at 5% are among the lowest in the world. Companies registered in the Free Zones can also benefit from Custom Duty waivers on re exports.

  • STABLE CURRENCY: Pegged to the US$ makes the UAE Dirham one of the world’s most stable currencies in terms of exchange rate stability. It has been pegged to the United States dollar since 1973 set at a rate of 1 U.S dollar equal to 3.6725 AED

  • 100% OWNERSHIP OF BUSINESS & PROPERTIES: The FDI law allows 100% ownership for companies in the Dubai mainland. Foreigners and expatriates residents can also have 100% ownership of companies in the various free zones and may acquire ownership of freehold property without restriction.

  • 100% REPATRIATION OF FUND: As an investor you not only have option of 100% ownership of your business, you can also repatriate 100% all profits and capital.

  • CENTER OF THE WORLD: Dubai is directly connected to the major business hubs of the world. A connectivity of 6 to 8 hours to 70% of the world’s population makes it literally the center of the world.

    World-leading aviation infrastructure
    Highly developed surface transport infrastructure
    State-of-the-art telecommunications and virtual ‘smart’ infrastructure
    A sophisticated financial and service sector
    Industry-leading exhibition and conference venues
    High-quality office and residential accommodation
    Reliable power and water utilities
    First-class hotels, hospitals, schools, shops, parks and recreation facilities

  • TOP CLASS MEDICAL FACILITIES: Dubai offers a level of healthcare that is truly world-class, with a diverse group of specialists working in state-of-the-art medical facilities.